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Is your child aggressive or rude? Are you wondering how to handle the issues with your child’s behavior? Seek professional help because asking family members or friends for suggestions isn’t the most appropriate thing you can do in such cases. Based in Corona, CA, Assertive Parenting in Corona is the parenting coach that can help you find the solution to such issues.

What I Do

Specializing in life, motivational, and parenting coaching, as well as in group coaching and deliberate and intentional spiritual training for more than 16 years, I am the specialist that can give you the support you need and will help you find the right way towards solving your issues.

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Why Turn To a Professional Parenting Coach

As your professional parenting coach, I will assist you to identify the issues that you and your family have, and to identify which methods for solving them work for you and which don’t. This process helps parents clearly decide on the outcome they want in their relationship with their kid(s)

How I Help

As a trustworthy local coaching coach, I listen to the story of our clients without criticizing or judging, then I evaluate and offer solutions. I am highly dedicated to my profession and deal with each client’s problems on an individual basis, so I can determine a strategy tailored their needs.

Are you looking for a transformational coaching and assertive parenting coach in Corona, CA? If yes, get in touch with Assertive Parenting in Corona!

Client’s Testimonial

by Laura R. Massey on Assertive Parenting in Corona
Thank you!

Gerry has helped my wife and me to better understand why our daughter is acting so aggressively and we are really thankful for her efforts in helping us find the solution to this issue. We highly recommend her services. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and a true professional.

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