Learn More About a Dependable Professional Parenting Coach

As a qualified and experienced parenting coach, I offer personalized support to address the specific needs of your family. You will learn strategies designed to nurture the unique potential and healthy development of your children.

What makes me stand out from any other professional parenting coach in the Corona, CA area?

I offer personalized phone and on-site coaching sessions, as well as parenting workshops. I pride myself on my effective programs where everyone in the family is involved in the process. My job is to set goals and find creative ways to reach those goals quickly.

professional parenting therapist

Why should you trust Assertive Parenting in Corona?

  • I am fully certified.
  • I have substantial expertise as a professional parenting coach in Corona, CA.
  • I owe my success as a parenting coach to my skills, knowledge, and discretion.
  • I’ve dealt with a variety of issues and can help you find the right way towards solving yours.

Coaching offers children an internal safety net of emotional and social skills to help them cope with the circumstances of their lives. Children’s lives are filled with new challenges that can quickly escalate into trouble. Some common examples of such challenges include requests by authority figures, conflict with peers, and the presence of tempting stimuli, such as drugs, the annoying behavior of others, or risky opportunities. Take advantage of the services Assertive Parenting in Corona offers as soon as possible! My phone number is (661) 735-5433.

The success story of my 17 years as a Parenting Coach:

  1. In 2005, I started a professional parent coaching business due to my vision for empowering parents. I have specialized in anti-bullying programs and Parent Mastery Programs.
  2. In 2007, I developed a Super Nanny Mastery program for highly motivated parents who need specific skills in their parenting role. Since then, I have trained hundreds of parenting in stopping deviant behaviors.
  3. In 2010, I have provided workshops, 1/1 parent coaching, group couching for non-profit churches, behavioral plans for schools where parents have bullies in the school system.
  4. In 2015, I was classified as an American Inventor due to my work in creating a 7-step system for stopping bullies. There will be a complete product line from this patent.
  5. In 2016, I trained under Christy Whitman, a world leader in Life Coaching. I was able to create amazing results with clients all over the United States. I have trained under some of the finest leaders in parent coaching in the 17 years as a transformational coach.

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